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Biotensegrity- The Answer to "Why is my body falling apart"

The thought that our bones hold us together is only partially true. The soft tissue, comprised of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and most importantly fascia exert tension and compression forces that allow the body to hold itself up and move through space.

Apr 4th, 2020
The Emotional Aspects of Healing

The perception of pain, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual is perceived in the same part of the brain. Sometimes the treatment of physical pain is closely associated with emotional or spiritual pain, which can be stored in the injured area.

Jun 25th, 2020
Neck Posture

Correcting your posture can prevent degenerative changes of your neck that can lead to pain.

Mar 9th, 2020
FISH OIL is great for joint health

Fish oil is a great source of omega 3 in the form of DHA and EPA. It is important that your fish oil is tested. For example, you don't want to be consuming rancid fish. The benefit of the fish oil is negated if the fish were radioactive or contaminated.

Feb 9th, 2020
Rotator Cuff and Capsular Injuries

Do you know someone that has injured their shoulder? Throwing athletes such as volleyball, baseball or softball players, tennis, javelin throwers, racquet ball...

Jul 25th, 2019
Are You Experiencing Knee Pain?

Knee Pain is the most common joint that I evaluate and treat in my office. As we age, our knees will have degenerative changes. Degenerative changes occur with normal wear and tear...

Jun 16th, 2019
Are You Experiencing Lower Back Pain?

Low back pain is probably one of the most common cause of pain and loss of work. Episodes that occur infrequently, can occur more often and be more debilitating as we age...

May 8th, 2019