Neck Posture

Neck Strain from improper positioning of a computer

This is for everybody who sits in front of computer every day and who uses their phone, hunched over with their head forward and their neck out.  Literally, you stick your neck out, shortening some of the muscles on the front side of the neck. Over time it can alter the way the position of your head on top of your neck. This can make you feel like you have a 10 pound bowling ball attached to your neck.  If your head feels heavy, this can be an indication that your muscles are tight or shortened on the front side and lengthen on the back side. Effectively, as you stand or walk through a doorway, your head is the first part of your body to enter a room.  This is a situation where you're not moving ideally through space. And this can be treated with postural alignment, like chiropractic and osteopathic treatments as well as physical rehabilitation.  Correcting the height of your computer screen, adjusting the chair that you sit in, and moving throughout the day can also be a part of the treatment plan.

Correcting your posture is the first step to preventing pain and degeneration of the neck.  

If you neck posture is not aligned correctly, over the course of your lifetime, you will wear the joints abnormally and this can lead to arthritis.  The issue with arthritis in the neck is that the boney growth or calcium that your body lays down, in an attempt to make the joint surface larger and more stable, can grow into the foramen, a hole between your vertebra through which a nerve travels.  If the calcium builds up too much, there is less room for the nerve, which can be pinched or compressed.  It's hard to fix this.  It much easier to address your posture before this happens.

Sit up straight.   There was some wisdom behind learning to walk with a book balanced on your head! 


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