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Dr. Jennifer Stebbing’s Mission is to treat pain and injury by providing a comprehensive evaluation of the musculoskeletal system and creating a personalized plan to promote healing, increase function and decrease pain, allowing full return to sport and life.

Her Core Values drive her relationships with patients:

Integrity– We pursue open, honest relationships, working to establish trust to ensure the best possible outcome for patients.

Passion– We are passionate about learning, incorporating the belief that nutrition, exercise and your mindset are the foundations of health and wellness. We encourage patients to take ownership of their health, and support them through the changes we recommend to get them optimal healing. We surround ourselves with a network of other passionate providers who can help facilitate this.

Resourcefulness– We think outside the box, gathering comprehensive information, thoughtfully problem solving, and actively incorporating new ideas and strategies, all with the aim of optimal results.

Dr Stebbing’s love of learning and genuine desire to help her patients, drives her to seek new options for treatment. She regularly attends conferences that continue to enhance and update her interest in Regenerative Orthopedics, a subspecialty within her Sports Medicine degree. She has professional relationships with physician colleagues across the US, whom she consults with for more difficult cases. The use of Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Bone Marrow Concentrate using Ultrasound Guidance to treat muscle, tendon injury and joint arthritis are the foundation behind her goal of treating pain.

Dr Stebbing’s additional Board Certification in Hospice & Palliative Care offers a unique perspective. Her patient-centered approach, encourages the interchange of ideas and ample time for dialog. She recognizes and values the quality of each patient’s life, desiring to improve this.

She is frequently heard saying “ Just because someone doesn’t understand your pain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”. With this in mind, she seeks for options to treat you. She is an intuitive problem solver. She believes that our bodies have the innate ability to heal, and is open to communication between all members of the treatment team (massage, physical therapy, primary care and other subspecialists, nutritionist, acupuncturist, chiropractors, coaches, etc.) to encourage healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Although surgery may be an option, her treatment is geared toward non-surgical healing.

Dr Stebbing’s training in Sports Medicine has participated in the care of athletes at the Portsmouth Criterium, USA Boxing Events, Boston Marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, Philadelphia Triathlon, Bay State Games, and NJ Special Olympics. She was volunteering at the Boston Marathon finish line in 2013, when the bombings occurred.

Dr Stebbing was an avid cyclist. She has participated in long distance rides throughout the US and ridden portions of the race course at the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. As a spectator, she traveled to the Olympics in Salt Lake City, Greece and Australia. Her other athletic pursuits include lacrosse, skiing, swimming, field hockey, softball and soccer. She is familiar with the injuries that occur while participating in the full range of sports, and can relate to both the psychological and physical aspects of recovery from injury. As she ages, she fully understands the frustration and limitation that long standing injuries have in full participation of all activities.

Her personal interest in the role of food in defining one’s health has lead her to follow an Ayurvedic philosophy. She regularly educates herself through webinars and articles, and conferences. She lives the life she proposes to patients, regularly exercising, eating healthily, and reducing stress.

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