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Best Selling Author, Dr Jennifer Stebbing DO


A physician trained in Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine, Dr Jennifer Stebbing DO wrote “I Can Sit Again: Non-Surgical Treatment for Tailbone Pain” as a guide to help patients who have injured themselves navigate thru the complex medical system to find non-surgical solutions to their pain. She is a puzzle master, intuitive listener, and beacon of hope for those who have done “everything” and still aren’t fully functional. She heralds from Camas in southern WA, where she has a physical practice and telemedicine practice.

Dr. Stebbing's career started as a Family Practioner. She has always embraced her osteopathic roots. She pursued a Sports Medicine Fellowship after eight years of family practice, which provided her with a deep foundation in medicine. During this time, she recognized the inadequacies of treating pain in the insurance based medical model, which offers band aids and treatment options that are not only not curative but may in fact cause more harm. Her exposure to prolotherapy in her Sports Medicine fellowship opened her eyes to a new paradigm for treating pain. She diligently continues to acquire knowledge and skill, providing treatment that is research based. In her book, I Can Sit Again, she reiterates the importance of a comprehensive evaluation, correct diagnosis and complete treatment.  She offers treatment options and the discusses the concepts behind the treatment options, clarifying the process of making decisions to pursue treatment.





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