Hi, today we're gonna talk about hips. In hip arthritis the issue is, is that there's been some sort of problem that has been longstanding. Although you could have a hereditary cause for this as well, where the joint is unstable. And it just moves a little bit too much and it causes excess bone growth. Right here, or around the entire 360 degrees around it. And it leads to x-ray changes. The x-ray changes, along with cartilage that lines the inside of the joint, we call this articular cartilage, can cause restrictions of motion in the joint, as well as pain with walking or standing on the joint. And typically, what people are told to do is get a steroid shot, do some physical therapy, and perhaps have a joint replacement. However, if you get treated on the early side of your hip pain, and you decide, " />


– Arthritis
– Labral Tears
– Greater Trochanter Pain-pain on the widest part of the hip, noted with laying on it
– Leg Length Discrepancy
– Cam & Pincer Deformity (congenital, from birth)
– Piriformis
– Psoas Tendinopathy
– Quadriceps Tendinopathy
– Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus – Tendinopathy- weakness with standing on one leg
– Adductor Tendinosis
– Quadricep Tears, Tendinosis
– Hamstring Tears, Tendinosis
– Lateral Femoral Nerve Entrapment/ Injury
– Femoral Nerve
– Groin Pain or Numbness
– Numbness & Tingling of the Thigh or Groin
– Joint Hypermobility (gymnasts, dancers, performance ice skaters)

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